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How to track a phone using a phone number?

There are several different ways in which in you can track a phone number. You can track a phone’s GPS location; you can tap calls, or you can even watch every online and offline activity taking place on a specific phone. If you have lost your phone, then obviously the best thing to do would be to track down the phone’s location using the account synchronized with the phone. This could be a Google account, icloud or a Microsoft account.

But how exactly do you track a phone using the phone tracker? This can be done by using various apps and websites. Many of these are supported in android and smartphones. You can also have the application version of a website that works exactly like the website. Many phones come with hardware that can directly receive signals from the GPS satellites while others use network stations and cell towers to transmit signals. This feature allows the cell phones to be tracked until and unless they show an active network or Internet connection.

If you have permission from the phone’s user, you can simply download an app to his or her phone and install it. Doing this will give a constant feed of every location that the phone travels along with the exact date and time. However, if you don’t have the permission, doing so may get a bit tricky as tracking without prior consent is considered a serious crime unless it is for classified purposes.

Every phone comes with an IMEI number which is a 15 digit serial number. This number gives information about the country where the phone was manufactured, the manufacturing company, the model no. And so on. So, whenever a phone using a particular SIM number sends a signal to a tower, the tower immediately catches the phone’s IMEI number. So, knowing which towers were last used by the phone could narrow down the search quite considerably.

However, for this, the phone should be switched on, and if the signals are not strong enough, the results wouldn’t be very effective. The signal strength could also get hampered by how busy the tower is or how crowded the area is. You can easily find out the IMEI number of your phone by typing *#06#. However, even if you do not have this number in hand, you can always use the android manager app. This app shows all the devices that had been connected with your Google account. You can select and copy down the IMEI number of your lost phone.

If you want to trace a phone number rather than track it, this can be done with more ease as the number itself reveals a lot about where it was taken, the network that it uses and the places that it was used in. This can even be done by typing the phone number over search engines and running a search.
There are even more advanced devices that can effectively track phone numbers. These devices are, however restricted to use only by the intelligence agencies.

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