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STRaND first satellite smartphone in the world

The invention doesn’t know the ending point. It is true that the nature of human beings is so solid that hunger for a new invention is always increasing in human society. One such invention is the satellite. Currently, it is a common word. And you can now have a lot of information about it. But there was a time when the satellite was a dream product for most of the people. But now it is a reality.


When USSR launched the first satellite into space, then the human civilization thought what was next. After crossing so many years since the launching of the first spacecraft, now it is time to taste a new invention with the first satellite smartphone. Truly, it sounds amazing. But it is true, that on 25th February at 2013 the first satellite smartphone was launched into space.

Important facts regarding the satellite smartphone:         

The source of creation:  The name of this smartphone is STRaND. The full form of STRaND is Surrey Training, Research and Nano-satellite Demonstrator. Actually, it is STRaND-1. This smartphone is developed by the Surrey Space Centre of the Surrey University and the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. according to the Surrey Space Centre it is actually a nano-satellite.

The launch of the satellite smartphone: The invention of this smartphone is truly a great discovery of the human civilization. This nano-satellite or the satellite smartphone is an example of the modern discovery of the human society. This satellite was launched by a PSLV Rocket from India. It was placed into the proper position of the orbit. As the first satellite smartphone, it has discovered so many unknown facts. More details about this technology you can find on the website

The operating system: Currently, two computers are operating this satellite smartphone. One is the CubeSat computer, and the other is the Google Nexus One smartphone. Now the Google smartphone is equipped with the Android operating system. So, it is a clear fact that this the first time when a nano-satellite is performing two essential tasks uniquely. With the Android operating system the nanosatellite is revealing its unique feature. It is working as a satellite and simultaneously as a smartphone.

The components: This nano satellite or the satellite smartphone is equipped with the accelerometers, camera, and very high-performance computer processors. The journey of this satellite is divided into some important phases. In the first phase, STRaND-1 was using some applications on an experimental basis to collect data. On the other hand, a Linux-based computer looks after the condition of the satellite. The Surrey Space Centre developed the Linux-based computer. In the second phase, the in-orbit operations will be controlled by the smartphone. The aim of this procedure is to check the condition of the components of a smartphone in the space environment.

It is a fact that there are several important facts that the satellite smartphone is going to address. Though the operation of the satellite was stopped for a very short time, currently all the operations are active, and the work is going on accordingly. Now, it is true that invention is the ultimate destiny of the creation of the human world and the first satellite smartphone STRaND has beautifully proved that.

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