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Rugby is a game that is played between two teams each consisting of 15 players on the field. The aim of the game is to overcome the target line in the field of defense with oval ball in his arms or shoot the outside through the gate. A match lasts two helves of 40 minutes each with a break of 10 minutes, during which players are required to remain on the court.

The game is controlled by a main referee, assisted by two referees edge. Rugby is played on a field with a lenght of 125 – 144m and widths of 66 – 70 m, divided into two equal parts by a line marked in the middle, between the two long sides. On both sides, in each half of the court, there is one line that delineates the center zone if 10 m, then 22 m zone, compared to the target line of the land.
Behind the target, there is a target area of 22 m, where the ball can be put. The goal posts are placed on the center of the target and have at least 3.50 m tall and 5.65 m of distance between them.


The balloon has an oval shape and weight of 375 – 425 grams. Player’s equipment consists of shirt, pants and boots, all special rugby. Initiating this sports game you can start at the age of 9 – 10 years old, 13 – 13 years old will like to start training proper form of training and games. Rugby match begins with a kick on the ball, one of whom – team players returned start the game. A very interesting game appeared a few months ago. This is called Madden Nfl created by an American company very new. A new version madden nfl hack that is called to help limit the playing time and add resources.

After this blow, any player on the court can come to the ball, shoot it, run with it, or tackle an opponent who took possession of the ball. This balloon can only be sent back to a teammate; given back, it is a crime. The rules are mane and require the use of their terminology, to be known and understood.
Here are some examples:
– the pile: is made up with players of both teams expect to be thrown the ball on the ground between them; lot can be spontaneous or ordered;
– dead ball: the situation in which the ball is no longer in the game and the referee’s whistle to stop the game, dictating the resumption of a decision that phase proper, penalty for example;
– offside: unlike other sports games, in rugby is deemed offside when a player who is no longer in the game and is forbidden to play ball intervened in the game an opponent. This offense is punished with penalty kicks.
– forerunners: are in number of 8 and form what is called players package. They create the lot, organized on 3 lines.

But the terms are not exhausted; other may be known in the games rules of his practice. You should know that a try is worth 5 points, passing the ball through the two side posts and over the crossbar is worth 2 points. If this transformation is the result of a penalty, worth three points just like the kicked ball action from drop – goal;
– target: is the space between the crossbar of a gateway and its side pillars, lengthen up;

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