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Learn to create a Pokestop

When you are playing POKEMON GO, then it is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with all the tricks and tips of the game. With so many features this game is now the key attraction for the game lovers. Currently, there are 151 Pokemon available in the game. And it is truly very difficult to capture all of them. Even some Pokemon are only available on some particular continents. Now, to play the game efficiently, you need to use some options. One such option is PokeStop.


Now PokeStops are the specific areas, and you can identify them as blue poles with cubes on the map of the game. Now you can use them to see or specify the area that you are actually nearby. The key feature of the PokeStop is when you will be close to the blue cube, and then it will turn into a disc. So, by using the PokeStop you can have the ability to increase the progress of the game and simultaneously can complete the levels also can increase the number of the levels. You can use to locate pokemon go cheats faster pokemon.

Now it is your responsibility to learn the process to create PokeStops in the game. As already mentioned, that it is very helpful for the game, so you need to use the PokeStops.

The way to create PokeStop:

Requests to the support form:  Previously it was quite impossible to create a PokeStop, but after a huge number of requests, now you can avail the opportunity to create a PokeStop. There are several different reasons behind the creations of the PokeStops, and you can send your request to the POKEMON GO team for the PokeStop. The developer of the game, Niantic has created a support form to receive the request of the users of the game. Now you can also address different issues regarding the PokeStops in your request.

Add image, location:  Now while sending your request for a PokeStop, you need to add an image and the exact name of the PokeStop that you want to use. Even you have to mention the kind of location that you want and also the address of the PokeStop. The mystery remains is what criteria the developer actually wants for this.

Portal submission:  The fact is, when the portal submission process is on for this game, then the official website support form is flooded with so many requests, and the bad effect of it is that it is abused severely. And this ultimately creates a huge backlog. Now if you have the opportunity to attend this process or to attend the portal submission process, then you have to think about the options that can be necessary for the creation of a PokeStop. Honestly, the Ingress map and the portals are used to create a PokeStop.

So, the above discussion has clearly pointed out some facts. One fact is to get a Poke Stop, you have to attend the support from the developer of the game, and the second fact is though it is difficult to create a PokeStop, but still there are options to create PokeStop.

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