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Rugby is a game that is played between two teams each consisting of 15 players on the field. The aim of the game is to overcome the target line in the field of defense with oval ball in his arms or shoot the outside through the gate. A match lasts two helves of 40 minutes each with a break of 10 minutes, during which players are required to remain on the court.

The game is controlled by a main referee, assisted by two referees edge. Rugby is played on a field with a lenght of 125 – 144m and widths of 66 – 70 m, divided into two equal parts by a line marked in the middle, between the two long sides. On both sides, in each half of the court, there is one line that delineates the center zone if 10 m, then 22 m zone, compared to the target line of the land.
Behind the target, there is a target area of 22 m, where the ball can be put. The goal posts are placed on the center of the target and have at least 3.50 m tall and 5.65 m of distance between them.


The balloon has an oval shape and weight of 375 – 425 grams. Player’s equipment consists of shirt, pants and boots, all special rugby. Initiating this sports game you can start at the age of 9 – 10 years old, 13 – 13 years old will like to start training proper form of training and games. Rugby match begins with a kick on the ball, one of whom – team players returned start the game. A very interesting game appeared a few months ago. This is called Madden Nfl created by an American company very new. A new version madden nfl hack that is called to help limit the playing time and add resources.

After this blow, any player on the court can come to the ball, shoot it, run with it, or tackle an opponent who took possession of the ball. This balloon can only be sent back to a teammate; given back, it is a crime. The rules are mane and require the use of their terminology, to be known and understood.
Here are some examples:
– the pile: is made up with players of both teams expect to be thrown the ball on the ground between them; lot can be spontaneous or ordered;
– dead ball: the situation in which the ball is no longer in the game and the referee’s whistle to stop the game, dictating the resumption of a decision that phase proper, penalty for example;
– offside: unlike other sports games, in rugby is deemed offside when a player who is no longer in the game and is forbidden to play ball intervened in the game an opponent. This offense is punished with penalty kicks.
– forerunners: are in number of 8 and form what is called players package. They create the lot, organized on 3 lines.

But the terms are not exhausted; other may be known in the games rules of his practice. You should know that a try is worth 5 points, passing the ball through the two side posts and over the crossbar is worth 2 points. If this transformation is the result of a penalty, worth three points just like the kicked ball action from drop – goal;
– target: is the space between the crossbar of a gateway and its side pillars, lengthen up;

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Share photos, texts and stickers while on video calls on Snapchat

Snapchat already is a great hit among the users. There are plenty of exciting features like lenses and filters. And with their latest addition, video calling, this platform has been attracting an audience like never before. Snapchat users are already familiar with using stickers, emojis and posting snaps, but with video calling, it is simply a great experience.

You can call any friend from your friend list, anytime you want. However, to make use of this feature, you have to upgrade your Snapchat to the latest version. You can easily do this by visiting the Google play store or app store, depending on whether you are using an Android or an iOS platform.



Video calling on Snapchat

Making a video call using Snapchat is extremely easy. First, you need to decide on who you are going to call. Just swipe to the left, and you will be shown your contact list. From there, you can pick up a friend you are going to call. After that, you select the contact. You can make the video call by clicking the camera option that is placed to the right-hand side of the round middle button.

Wait for the other person to receive your call. If your friends love you, they will certainly answer your call. However, even if your friend does not answer your call, don’t get disheartened as you can always send him/her a recorded video. That sounds great too.

It may so happen that despite efforts, you are not able to video call a friend. In such a case, make sure that your friend’s Snapchat is updated to the latest version. He/she can easily do so by visiting the play store/AppStore.

Another thing to be noted is that Snapchat Hack is a platform where people tend to get funny and weird rather than perfect. So when you make a call, make sure that you are not in an office or a crowded area. Snapping from these areas will definitely make the business look weird, and you will have people wondering as to why you are making silly faces at a phone.

What’s different?

Well, you might be wondering as to what is the hype behind all this rage about Snapchat video calling. After all, you can do video calling from any other app. Well, in that case, you might be wrong because Snapchat takes the fun of video calling to another level by allowing the users to send texts and photos will be still in a video call. You can also send and receive stickers and emoticons. Snapchat has added a whole new dimension to video calling.

While in a video call, you can anytime alter between the front and the rear cam. You can also make the video call fullscreen by tapping on the video. If you want to minimize the video, just swipe down on the screen. This will let you do other business on your phone without ending the call. When you are done, you can again maximize by swiping up. When you are finally done, you can end the call by tapping on the video or by switching to another Snapchat screen.

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How to track a phone using a phone number?

There are several different ways in which in you can track a phone number. You can track a phone’s GPS location; you can tap calls, or you can even watch every online and offline activity taking place on a specific phone. If you have lost your phone, then obviously the best thing to do would be to track down the phone’s location using the account synchronized with the phone. This could be a Google account, icloud or a Microsoft account.

But how exactly do you track a phone using the phone tracker? This can be done by using various apps and websites. Many of these are supported in android and smartphones. You can also have the application version of a website that works exactly like the website. Many phones come with hardware that can directly receive signals from the GPS satellites while others use network stations and cell towers to transmit signals. This feature allows the cell phones to be tracked until and unless they show an active network or Internet connection.

If you have permission from the phone’s user, you can simply download an app to his or her phone and install it. Doing this will give a constant feed of every location that the phone travels along with the exact date and time. However, if you don’t have the permission, doing so may get a bit tricky as tracking without prior consent is considered a serious crime unless it is for classified purposes.

Every phone comes with an IMEI number which is a 15 digit serial number. This number gives information about the country where the phone was manufactured, the manufacturing company, the model no. And so on. So, whenever a phone using a particular SIM number sends a signal to a tower, the tower immediately catches the phone’s IMEI number. So, knowing which towers were last used by the phone could narrow down the search quite considerably.

However, for this, the phone should be switched on, and if the signals are not strong enough, the results wouldn’t be very effective. The signal strength could also get hampered by how busy the tower is or how crowded the area is. You can easily find out the IMEI number of your phone by typing *#06#. However, even if you do not have this number in hand, you can always use the android manager app. This app shows all the devices that had been connected with your Google account. You can select and copy down the IMEI number of your lost phone.

If you want to trace a phone number rather than track it, this can be done with more ease as the number itself reveals a lot about where it was taken, the network that it uses and the places that it was used in. This can even be done by typing the phone number over search engines and running a search.
There are even more advanced devices that can effectively track phone numbers. These devices are, however restricted to use only by the intelligence agencies.

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Learn to create a Pokestop

When you are playing POKEMON GO, then it is your responsibility to make yourself familiar with all the tricks and tips of the game. With so many features this game is now the key attraction for the game lovers. Currently, there are 151 Pokemon available in the game. And it is truly very difficult to capture all of them. Even some Pokemon are only available on some particular continents. Now, to play the game efficiently, you need to use some options. One such option is PokeStop.


Now PokeStops are the specific areas, and you can identify them as blue poles with cubes on the map of the game. Now you can use them to see or specify the area that you are actually nearby. The key feature of the PokeStop is when you will be close to the blue cube, and then it will turn into a disc. So, by using the PokeStop you can have the ability to increase the progress of the game and simultaneously can complete the levels also can increase the number of the levels. You can use to locate pokemon go cheats faster pokemon.

Now it is your responsibility to learn the process to create PokeStops in the game. As already mentioned, that it is very helpful for the game, so you need to use the PokeStops.

The way to create PokeStop:

Requests to the support form:  Previously it was quite impossible to create a PokeStop, but after a huge number of requests, now you can avail the opportunity to create a PokeStop. There are several different reasons behind the creations of the PokeStops, and you can send your request to the POKEMON GO team for the PokeStop. The developer of the game, Niantic has created a support form to receive the request of the users of the game. Now you can also address different issues regarding the PokeStops in your request.

Add image, location:  Now while sending your request for a PokeStop, you need to add an image and the exact name of the PokeStop that you want to use. Even you have to mention the kind of location that you want and also the address of the PokeStop. The mystery remains is what criteria the developer actually wants for this.

Portal submission:  The fact is, when the portal submission process is on for this game, then the official website support form is flooded with so many requests, and the bad effect of it is that it is abused severely. And this ultimately creates a huge backlog. Now if you have the opportunity to attend this process or to attend the portal submission process, then you have to think about the options that can be necessary for the creation of a PokeStop. Honestly, the Ingress map and the portals are used to create a PokeStop.

So, the above discussion has clearly pointed out some facts. One fact is to get a Poke Stop, you have to attend the support from the developer of the game, and the second fact is though it is difficult to create a PokeStop, but still there are options to create PokeStop.

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STRaND first satellite smartphone in the world

The invention doesn’t know the ending point. It is true that the nature of human beings is so solid that hunger for a new invention is always increasing in human society. One such invention is the satellite. Currently, it is a common word. And you can now have a lot of information about it. But there was a time when the satellite was a dream product for most of the people. But now it is a reality.


When USSR launched the first satellite into space, then the human civilization thought what was next. After crossing so many years since the launching of the first spacecraft, now it is time to taste a new invention with the first satellite smartphone. Truly, it sounds amazing. But it is true, that on 25th February at 2013 the first satellite smartphone was launched into space.

Important facts regarding the satellite smartphone:         

The source of creation:  The name of this smartphone is STRaND. The full form of STRaND is Surrey Training, Research and Nano-satellite Demonstrator. Actually, it is STRaND-1. This smartphone is developed by the Surrey Space Centre of the Surrey University and the Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. according to the Surrey Space Centre it is actually a nano-satellite.

The launch of the satellite smartphone: The invention of this smartphone is truly a great discovery of the human civilization. This nano-satellite or the satellite smartphone is an example of the modern discovery of the human society. This satellite was launched by a PSLV Rocket from India. It was placed into the proper position of the orbit. As the first satellite smartphone, it has discovered so many unknown facts. More details about this technology you can find on the website

The operating system: Currently, two computers are operating this satellite smartphone. One is the CubeSat computer, and the other is the Google Nexus One smartphone. Now the Google smartphone is equipped with the Android operating system. So, it is a clear fact that this the first time when a nano-satellite is performing two essential tasks uniquely. With the Android operating system the nanosatellite is revealing its unique feature. It is working as a satellite and simultaneously as a smartphone.

The components: This nano satellite or the satellite smartphone is equipped with the accelerometers, camera, and very high-performance computer processors. The journey of this satellite is divided into some important phases. In the first phase, STRaND-1 was using some applications on an experimental basis to collect data. On the other hand, a Linux-based computer looks after the condition of the satellite. The Surrey Space Centre developed the Linux-based computer. In the second phase, the in-orbit operations will be controlled by the smartphone. The aim of this procedure is to check the condition of the components of a smartphone in the space environment.

It is a fact that there are several important facts that the satellite smartphone is going to address. Though the operation of the satellite was stopped for a very short time, currently all the operations are active, and the work is going on accordingly. Now, it is true that invention is the ultimate destiny of the creation of the human world and the first satellite smartphone STRaND has beautifully proved that.

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Networks at the speed of light

Networks at the speed of light


In recent years, networked computers have gained importance in the development of the activities of most of the institutions that focus on high productivity and sharing applications, especially in the field of databases and Internet functions. This short presentation tries to explain the basics on the two most common technologies used in the networks in our country: Networks Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. Ethernet and Fast Ethernet technologies have design rules that must be observed to function correctly. Maximum number of nodules and the repeaters and maximum distances segment are defined by constructive mechanical and electrical properties of each type of medium Ethernet and Fast Ethernet. For example, a network using repeaters has restrictions due to time constraints of Ethernet. Although electrical signals in an Ethernet environment have nearly the speed of light, yet it takes a while for the signal to get from one end to another in a large Ethernet network. Standard Ethernet supposed to last about 50 microseconds for a signal to reach their destination.

If the network does not respect the terms of construction the number of repeaters, then this time constraint will not be respected, and the transmission station will resend the packet, will not receive a confirmation signal of the package that you sent. This could result in loss of data packets, excessive numbers of returned packages, which can worsen and network performance can be problematic application. Ethernet applies the rule “5-4-3” placement of repeater: network can only have 5 segments connected. You can only use four repeaters. 5 segments, only three users can attach. The other two must be inter-repeaters. Fast Ethernet repeater rule has changed since the minimum size packets require less time than the Ethernet transmission. The length and standard network connections allow a smaller number of repeaters. When conditions require a greater distance or a greater number of nodes, you can use a bridge, a router or a switch to connect multiple networks together. In essence, these components assemble two separate networks, allowing network constructive reuse criteria. With switches, network designers can build extensive networks that work best.

The first servers printers support printing via serial or parallel ports, accepting one or two protocols. The latest generation of servers printer supports multiple protocols, have multiple parallel or serial connections and, in some cases, are small enough to be placed at the parallel printer port. Some printers have built-in printer server, facilitating communication between the printer and server, but decreasing degree of flexibility if the printer has physical problems. Printer servers do not have much memory as they need not only to store simple information about the host and the protocol used. When the selected printer becomes available, then allow hostname to send data to the nearest port of the server. Printer server can then analyze the queue and can print each job in ordirea that was sought, taking into account the protocol and the size of the job. Printer server allows printers in various distribution nodes throughout the network. He accepts commands from any node listing the network using protocols supporting and managing both work tiparire.Suporta parallel interface, and serial (sometimes both).